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Disposable Whey Draining Cheesecloth

Smart-Fab® is a disposable cheesecloth for the dairy industry, suitable for producing any dairy product that uses whey draining: cream cheese, soft goat cheese, Greek yogurt, ricotta and many more.
Smart-Fab® is an innovative line of single-use products, developed for the special needs of cheese-makers in small and medium dairies: it serves as a perfect substitute to traditional cotton-made cheesecloth, and offers identical whey-permeation and drainage characteristics, along with superior cleanliness and maintenance-free use.

Product features:


  • Single use – no need to wash
  • No need to sanitize
  • No need to repair 


Ultra Clean:

  • Synthetic, bacteria-free material
  • Adheres to US regulations and EU directives for materials in contact with foodstuffs
  • Meets American Public Health Association and ISO microbial inspection requirements


Cost Savings:

  • Shorter setup time
  • Maintenance free
  • Lower production cost


Product specifications

Three Product Lines:

  • Drainage bags: with a regular or super-sturdy drawstring, in variety of sizes
  • Rolls: in variety of lengths and widths
  • Cut-to-size sheets: per customer’s requirements



  • Non-woven fabric, 100% polypropylene (PP)
  • Allergens-free
  • No effect on product’s Kosher or Hallal status
  • Broad range of whey drainage rates


  • Complies with all applicable regulations for materials in direct contact with foodstuffs: US FDA regulation – 21CFR  176.170, 21CFR 177.2800; EU directives – 85/572, 90/128, 82/711, and all related amendments
  • Meets all applicable microbial inspection requirements: American Public Health Association - section 13.045; EU – ISO4832, ISO4833-1,2, ISO21527-1,2
  • Exempted from IMS compliance requirements
  • ISO9001 - approved production facilities




For further information, contact us:



 Tel: (Gil Brosh) +972-54-5555353

Fax:   +972-3-6412086

Email: gil@smartfab.com



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