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Decorative Flowers 

Easy to make flowers you can glue or staple to bulletin boards, curtains or any other item you may want to beautify.

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One piece of Yellow Smart-Fab according to dimensions below.
One piece Orange Smart-Fab according to dimensions below.
One piece of Green Smart-Fab according to dimensions below.
( use these colors or choose your own)
Pen or marker
Fabric glue
Needle and thread ( you can use an elasticized thread)
Flower petal pattern


1. Cut a strip of Yellow Smart-Fab 2 ½ ft. X 4 inches.
2. Cut strip of Orange Smart-Fab 2 ½ ft. X 4 inches.
3. Cut a square of Green Smart-Fab 3 inches x 3inches.
4. Create Flower petal pattern (click here to print the pattern)

Step 2


1. Measuring with the ruler, use a pen or marker to mark the orange and the yellow Smart-Fab strips at 2 ½ inch intervals.






Step 3

2. Using the marks you’ve just made, fold each strip of Smart-Fab back and forth, accordion-style. After folding, you will have two 2 ½ inch by 4 inch rectangles.




Step 4

3. Place the flower petal pattern on each of the folded rectangles, along the bottom where the measurement is 2 ½ inches wide.
Use a marker to trace the pattern onto each of the fabric strips.



step 5

4. Following the outline you’ve drawn, cut only along the top, part of the petal. Be careful not to cut the folded sides. This will cut the strip into pieces





Step 6

5. Unfold the petals of the two strips of Smart-Fab.






Step 7

6. Lay the two strips of petals on top of one another, staggering them slightly, so that they alternate in height, like two sets of waves.





Step 8

7. Using needle and thread, attach the two overlaid strips of petals to one another. Use “over-under” basting stitches along the entire length of the lower broad edge of the petal strips.



Step 9

8. Pull the thread while sewing in order to ruffle the fabric.






Step 10

9. Continue to pull the thread so that the fabric begins to take
on a circular flower shape. Knot the end of the thread.
Continue creating the circular flower by turning the petals on top of one and other using a circular motion. You will have a double layer flower.


Step 11

10. Use the fabric glue to attach the two layers of the flower together (near their base in the center) in order to hold them in place.




Step 12

11. Cut the piece of Green Smart-Fab into a circular shape. You can do this by simply rounding off the corners.





Step 13

12. Attach the green circle to the center of the flower with the fabric glue.




That's it!

That's it!  You now have a beautiful flower that you can staple or glue to any surface.

See Bulletin Board Lesson Plan .



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